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Law Enforcement

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Law Enforcement
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Law Enforcement is a program designed to prepare students for a career in the criminal justice field. Students will develop a positive attitude to work and cooperate with a community of chosen service, whether it be local, state, or federal law enforcement groups.

During the second year of the program, students will participate in leadership training and role modeling.  Hands-on police efforts and training will be a big part of Law Enforcement II.  Law Enforcement features include the following:

  • history and principals of law enforcement
  • police organization structure and operating procedure
  • court system
  • criminal justice system
  • constitutional law
  • Maine criminal law
  • juvenile law
  • admissions and confessions
  • search and seizure rules
  • interviewing techniques and skills
  • investigation techniques
  • case preparation
  • crime scene processing
  • fingerprinting
  • domestic abuse/violence

Law Enforcement I

The first year of this program provides students (referred to as cadets) with a curriculum designed to match the 100-hour Pre-Service course offered to law enforcement personnel by the Maine Criminal Justice Academy.  Students will be exposed to the role of law enforcement personnel with basic training in criminal justice and the court system.  Criminal justice professionals are invited to participate in various aspects of the program. Cadets are trained in military protocol and are expected to wear the cadet uniform on designated occasions.  Community assistance from local police and the sheriff's department make this program an excellent choice for those interested in becoming law enforcement/security specialists.  Students should be good school and community role models.  They will be expected to participate in an overnight field experience during the school year.  Physical training is also part of the program.

Law Enforcement II

Second-year cadets will explore the police system in depth, including criminal homicide, principles of criminal investigation, law enforcement operations, and leadership.  Included are field trips to various criminal justice organizations and advanced study in investigations.  The program is designed to prepare students to explore careers in criminal justice and related professions and to provide a base knowledge for those who are planning post-secondary studies in criminal justice or the military.  Students will be expected to participate in an overnight field experience during the school year.  Physical training is also part of the program.

Articulation Agreements

The law enforcement program has articulated its curriculum with post-secondary schools.  Students may obtain college credit for the learning opportunities offered at the technical school.  As part of these agreements, students have to be enrolled for a semester and prove they have met the requirements of the agreement.  The law enforcement program has developed the following articulation agreements:

Southern Maine Community College

LET 11 Intro to Law Enforcement

Andover College

CJ 101 The Criminal Justice System
CJ 104 Law Enforcement
CJ 105 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice


CJ 101 Intro to Criminal Justice
CJ 215 Police Operations

Unity College

CL 1003 Introduction to Criminal Justice
EH 1053 Oral Communication
ES 2013 Interpersonal Relations




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