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Early Childhood Education

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Early Childhood Education
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Students will participate in an in-depth study of Early Childhood Education (ECE). They will have hands on experiences working in our own Preschool Lab and later on at various ECE Centers and schools throughout the community.

ECE students will study learning environments, health and safety, child growth and development, guidance and discipline, social/emotional growth, and cognitive developments, as well as an introduction to theories of learning, which draws from studies of Child Development, Psychology, and Sociology.  Students will also learn about various rewarding career opportunities related to the field of Early Childhood Education.  As a state, we are working with the DOE to create a certification for qualifying students after completing the course.

First Year
1.  Hands on experience in on site ECE Pre-School Lab
   2.  Early Childhood Programs and their teachers
   3.  Growth and Development of 3-5 year olds
   4.  Health and Safety issues in an ECE setting (CPR & First Aid training)
   5.  Nutrition, meal planning, and preparation
   6.  Guidance and Discipline Issues
   7.  Learning environments and experiences for children
   8.  Family Relations

Second Year

1.  Internships at various ECE programs in the community/Professional Preparation
   2.  Infant & Toddler Care
   3.  Theories of Learning
   4.  Learning Environments
   5.  Guidance and Assessment
   6.  Literacy
   7.  Dual Enrollment opportunity with CMCC

Dual Enrollment/Articulation with Colleges

The ECE II students will have an opportunity to earn college credits through Central Maine Community College.  Students will enroll for a semester and will be able to log on to the CMCC website to view their progress.  Upon completion of the course, students who have met the requirements will earn college credits and get a jump start on their future.




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